Commercial FAQ

Commercial FAQ

How do you apply the sealer?
We apply the sealer by hand with brushes along the concrete edges, sidewalks, close to the building, and anywhere else that we want to ensure that no spray gets on. We do not use spray boards along edges because of the possibility of overspray and because of missing asphalt where board rests. We then spray sealer on the rest of the parking lot. By spraying on the sealer we are able to apply more sealer and leave no brush marks, giving it a more even appearance.

Can you just stripe a parking lot?
Yes. Many property owners and managers will use parking lot marking for a quick eye-catching and affordable way to invigorate the appearance of their properties. Properly laid out and painted parking lots will create a sense of safety and organization for vehicle and pedestrian traffic. We suggest that you have a lot striped in between the times you have it sealed just to provide a fresher appearance.

What do you do about the cracks?
In most cases, we will clean the parking lot and then fill the cracks with a commercial grade hot pour crack filler. Our goal is to fill the majority of larger cracks. Normally, we do not fill the smaller surface cracks or alligator cracking area. In some instances, all the property owner has us do is fill the cracks on their parking lot as a preventative measure.

Do I have to have stripes in my parking lot?
No. According to most municipalities if you do have parking stripes then you must have a handicap space.

Can you help us meet ADA Requirements?
Absolutely. We can make you aware of not only how many handicap spaces are required but what size of hash mark boxes are needed and how many. We can also help you with installing the proper signage.

Can you install parking bumpers or bollards?
We would be happy to help you with any of these needs. We also can install bollard covers which are more appealing than painted bollards and are maintenance-free.

What kind of sealer do you use?
We use a commercial grade coal tar sealer that meets or exceeds all federal specifications and standards. Coal tar will dry on top of the asphalt and form a barrier between the asphalt and the elements thus helping prolonging its life.